Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Program 2: A Delicious Brew!

The Monkeys enjoyed listening to the plays of Program 2 on a stormy night at the Off-Market Theatre last week. Thanks to Rob Ready and Piano Fight for providing the space and giving us the lowdown on what's happening in their theatrical world. For more info about PianoFight, go here.

Great stories, wonderful language, kick-ass actors, and a room stuffed with playwrights, directors, designers and actors all drinking wine and whiskey made the evening bright even as the storm darkened the skies outside.

We were also excited to discover a kind of them tying the 5 pieces by Daniel Heath, Tim Bauer, Megan Cohen, Stuart Bousel and Lauren Yee together. Each piece explores a "breakdown" in some form -- whether it is nothing ever working in our modern world, the doomed fate of two starcrossed lovers, the failure of memory under hyper stress, the resistance of a proud piano and the effects that has on a marriage, or the rupture a death can create in the life of another.

That realization has prompted a reorganization our program order for Program 2. Nothing Works by Daniel Heath will kick off our night. A short comedy about failure, this play provides a philosophical lens through which to view the other offerings of the evening:

The new program order is:
Nothing Works by Daniel Heath
Three Little Words by Tim Bauer
The Great Double Check by Megan Cohen
Housebroken by Stuart Bousel
The Life and Death of Joshua Zweig by Lauren Yee

Very excited to see these plays in 3 weeks -- February 25th launched Program 2. Be there!

Pictured above (l to r): Claire Rice, Director, Housebroken, Stuart Bousel, Housebroken, Tore Ingersoll-Thorp, Director, Life and Death of Joshua Zweig, Claire Zawa, Production Manger and Director, The Great Double Check

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