Sunday, December 13, 2009

9th Annual Bay One Acts Program Announcement!

Three Wise Monkeys Theatre Company

is very proud to announce its programming for

The 9th Annual Bay One Acts (BOA)!

February 18th - March 13th, 2010 at Boxcar Theatre in San Francisco.

Ticket information to come soon!

Program 1

Generic Play by Edward Luhn

Dir: Jill MacClean, Managing Producer, Playwrights Foundation

Somewhat clinical dramatization of perennial domestic conflict, with brief but humorous denouement.

Query by Ben Fisher

Dir: Meg O’Connor, Administrative Director, Playwrights Center

A dark comedy about bureaucracy, art, and language.

Catcher in the Rye (Cancelled) by Jon Brooks

Dir: Jessica Holt, Threshold

A hilarious parody of the perils of copyright infringement, fair use and dramatic license.

Reading with Friends by Crish Barth

Dir: Paul Cello, Climate Theatre

Four friends have reluctantly gathered in a small apartment on a cold winter night to read the parts of Barry's latest play out loud. Only thing missing? Barry and the play.

Altered Landscape by William Bivins

Dir: Claire Zawa, Three Wise Monkeys

Frank and Lena canoe out to the river island where they spent their honeymoon. When they wake to find the river choked with logs, they are forced to confront their entrapment--both on the island and in their lives.

The Philadelphian by Sam Leichter

Dir: Rob Ready, Piano Fight

George can't remember what he said or did last night... but Devon can. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Program 2

Three Little Words by Tim Bauer

Dir: Alex Curtis, Playpen Theatre

Romeo and Juliet. The entire play. All the speeches. All the characters. With four actors. In three-word sentences. Which can't be done.

The Great Double Check by Megan Cohen

Dir: Claire Zawa, Three Wise Monkeys Theatre Company

Two friends' hunt for a missing wallet turns into an all-out screwball when a mysterious stranger reveals a secret that will change everyone's future.

Oh my goodness what could it be?

Housebroken by Stuart Bousel

Dir: Claire Rice, No Nude Men

A fable that may be about hubris, adoption, snobbery, music, class, lifestyle, marriage, ambition, parenthood, insecurity, art and/or humility. The author admits that after two years of lessons he still couldn't play the piano, and suspects he's not the only one.

Nothing Works by Daniel Heath

Dir: Amy Claire Tasker, General Manager at Cutting Ball

A short comedy about failure.

The Life and Death of Joshua Zweig by Lauren Yee

Dir: Tore Ingersoll-Thorp, Sleepwalkers Theatre

Today, Joshua Zweig will die. Or rather, there is a very highly probability that he will. At least according to Dead Joshua Zweig, the ghost who has come back to warn him of his impending death. How does a man cope with life in the face of uncertainty? And what happens to those he leaves behind?

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