Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank you for Leaping!

A Big Thank You to all the amazing artists that donated their time to making Short Leaps a great success!

Thank you wonderful playwrights: Edward Luhn, Crish Barth, Lauren Yee, Megan Cohen, Ben Fisher, Paul Braverman, J. Stephen Brantley, and M.R. Fall. Your plays were brilliant!

Thank you to Claire Zawa and Paul Cello -- the best directing partners!

Thank you to Leslie, Johnny and Richard -- Three Wise Monkeys doesn't work without you!

Thank you to our actors:
Lauren, Brant, Paul, Aaron, Don, Jeffrey, Leslie, Johnny, Jim, Kevin, Laura Jane, Peter, Ashley, Logan, and Sarah!

Looking forward to bounding onto BOA 9!

See you at the theatre!


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