Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Short Leaps
A Fundraiser for the 9th Annual Bay One Acts (BOA)

Sunday, November 8 2009 at 7 pm
The Off-Market
Studio 250, 965 Mission St, San Francisco.

Join us for a staged reading of eight new 10-minute plays by Crish Barth, J.Stephen Brantley, Paul Braverman, Megan Cohen, M.R. Fall, Ben Fisher, Edward Luhn and Lauren Yee.

Directed by Paul Cello, Jessica Holt and Claire Zawa

Come Fly the World for Free by Crish Barth

In the aftermath of a commercial airline terror incident, an air marshall is confronted with the question - did he do his job or not?

Good God Enters Flossing by J. Stephen Brantley

It’s a normal morning for Josh, Dinsmore, and Billy until the Ark Of The Covenant spontaneously materializes in their living room. What sort of message is God sending, and why would He choose a trio of trendy Brooklyn queers to spread the Word?

Therapy by Paul Braverman

Alan arrived as usual for his therapy session, only to discover he's now eligible for his Actor's equity card

Makeout! by Megan Cohen
A repugnant request leads to an explosive monologue on desire and exposure. also, it's totally sad for part of it in the middle, but not the whole time, and will make you fall in love with everyone in the audience

Logical Ends by M.R. Fall

A young woman's Parisian travels push her to the limits of time, space, and (of course) logical ends.

Daedalus by Ben Fisher.

Two men of science consider a leap of faith.

Generic Play by Edward Luhn

Somewhat clinical dramatization of perennial domestic conflict, with brief but humorous denouement.

The Oldest Living Resident by Lauren Yee

A trio of spinster sisters anticipate their aging father's crowning as
their prefecture's "oldest living resident." The only problem is, he's
already dead.

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